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Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island
The Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island is an incorporated, non-profit organization and registered charity (CCRA #890011190RR0001) in Canada and also in the United States (a tax-free EIN # 30-0050801).  It is one of hundreds of similar community foundations operating in both countries that provides a “user-friendly” vehicle for donors to create a variety of funds to support charitable activities.  The mission of The CF of PEI is to encourage and connect donors with community causes that enrich the quality of life for Island residents.  Since 1993 this Foundation has been connecting caring people with worthy causes, such as the Terra Nova Fund and Endowment.

Donate A Car
Do you have an old vehicle that you are thinking about trading in for a newer car? Perhaps even you have a vehicle that no longer runs and ought to be junked. If so, rather than trading the car in at a dealer for a pittance or having it hauled away to the scrap yard, consider donating it to charity. 

Through our agreement with DONATE A CAR CANADA, Terra Nova Fund will gladly accept your car – working or not.  If its working and has some value, we will auction it; if it is of negligible value, we can arrange to have it towed at no cost to you and the Terra Nova Fund would benefit from its scrap value (usually about $100). All proceeds after costs will go to benefit the Fund and you will receive a charitable receipt for the value of the vehicle.

For more information on this option contact us at info@terranovafund.ca and we can explain how this unique donation program works.

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